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In charge of cameras at EFD Colombia:

By: Mansilla Maru
Oscar Pacheco, in charge of EFD equipment in Colombia, came to Mexico with high expectations and fears. There were no lack of voices who advised caution and prudence because of possible rejection which a foreigner might be subject to. Expectations, because Mexico promised to be an internship of emotions and knowledge.
On rejection, almost immediately upon arrival, Oscar discovered that it was more myth than truth. "I was surprised by the kindness of the people here. All are very attentive, open to show me how things here are done here, to teach me. The truth is that I have made great 'partners' (friends) in the month and a half I have been in Mexico."
And in terms of expectations, they were more than exceeded, also commented the Colombian producer and director, who has not stopped working since he arrived in Mexico. "I have worked on five projects. I participated in the recording of one of the Fito Páez concerts. I was sent to Veracruz with a commercial production and director of photography, I ascended to first assistant camera. In the EFD lens laboratory, I worked with Federico Terán, I had the opportunity to see a lens, the Angenieux 24290 completely taken apart, to see each one of its components, and see a collimator lens. "That for me, has been a unique experience."
Growing in confidence
Pacheco is a graduate of the Colombian University Manuela Beltran in Directing and Production in Cinema and TV. He comes from a family linked to the audiovisual media. His father, a surgeon by profession, but passionate about moving images, has a channel and a TV program in his native Cundinamarca. Another family member, determinant in his cinematographic vocation, has been his uncle Luis Pacheco, owner of the production company Jaguar Film of Panama, through which he got to know EFD International.
"I was a production assistant on an American film in which my uncle participated, 'Paradise Lost´, and EFD Mexico was the company that provided the rental of the equipment. There I learned that EFD would open offices in Colombia. As soon as that happened, I put in my resume, and got the job. That was two years ago."
The plan to bring the technical staff of EFD Colombia to intern in Mexico, was due to an initiative by the company of stimulating and further training the personnel of this nascent South American branch. Pacheco and another Omar Vega were selected to be the first.