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DP Hilda Mercado: clear goals

Photos: Uriel Linares

HERMOSILLO-"To make movies, it is not necessary to study, you can have talent, but what really matters is to have a clear goal," says Hilda Mercado, Director of photography that came into the film industry decisively and today is filming '108 stitching', in Hermosillo, Sonora.

The Mexican feature film, tells a story of two small children who have a dream of playing professional baseball in the major leagues, the best ballparks had to be chosen to carry out this project, which will end with two days of filming at the Dodgers Stadium, in Los Angeles.
For Hilda, who works with cameras and lenses from EFD, the key is experimentation.

"I like to work with newest technologies. In this case I did a test with two cameras: Red Dragon and Alexa. Due to the script we are using the personality of each camera to tell the story," she said during a break in Hermosillo.

"I also did a series of tests and I was convinced to use High Speed, and Ultra Speed, since with those cameras I got more texture and was super happy with them because I know that they will support the different facets of each character and the story."
But her vision goes further, as it seeks to give the story realism and liveliness.

"I am also experimenting with not using telephoto most of the time, this is for telling more about the story, since it talks about baseball, my premise is not to see the baseball as if it were viewed from the living room of my house, I want to be with the players sweating, I want to feel the pain of the muscle of the player at the time of launching the ball; that's why I'm using open lenses, from 35, 40, 50 and avoiding closed lens".

The challenge is implicit in this production, but the DP is determined to overcome it.
"From the beginning I knew it, it is a sport film and I had never made one. I have always made action films, so I am more familiar with explosions and chases," she said.

"The best thing for me is the creative process; from reading a script, imagining all the possibilities that you can have to visually support that script, the preparation on the set and seeing that it was, as I wanted it," she ended.