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DP Mateo Londono: “dreaming” with Elvira

Photos: Berenice Hernández
"A dream", that is how the cinematographer Mateo Londono called the experience of taping Elvira; I would give my life but I'm still using it, concluded Manolo.
"I've grown a lot with this project, it is a beautiful and intimate story, which I liked a lot because almost all the films I've done have been action and in this one, as cinematographer, I feel that I have been able to create. This shoot has been a dream."
Still with emotion in his veins, the artist born in United States and raised in Colombia, shared some of the challenges that he faced in this project filmed with the ALEXA Studio from ARRI.
"The Alexa is my favorite camera, because I like the image it produces. I don't believe in resolution, pixels and all that, I believe in how the final image looks, and in this case I love this camera because the image that it produces seems to me, to be much more beautiful than the others", he said.
Acknowledged that the Alexa has "a mechanical shutter and ergonomics", making it comfortable and flexible for the cinematographer.
"Many would like to see a version in 4K in ALEXA, but when I see the images in 4K I continue to prefer this one.”
DP of movies such as El cartel de los sapos, El Jesuita and now Elvira - all those movies were filmed in our country, he shared his secret to being a good cinematographer: observe not only with your eyes.
"You have to listen to the stories, what they are about, because it seems to me that one must read the scripts and let the scripts, locations and players, tell us how to create the image.
"One listens and observes every day when you walk down the street and the sun reflexes off buildings and if we appreciate that, then what we can duplicate it with artificial lights to create the same effect and be able to use that as an advantage to the drama."