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Gaffer Óscar González: Puts magic into the set

Photos: Uriel Linares
Óscar González has worked more than 25 years in the audiovisual industry where he has completed four movies, a pair of series for TV and thousands of commercials that he assures us are his life.
"Without a good gaffer, the magic of moving images would not happen," he says from a set, a place where he has become one of the specialists on this subject.
"Experience is the most important thing. It's vital to be inside the productions and to start watching and later practicing how to place the lights, the connections and a lot of accessories so that the light is always in the right place."
Óscar, also has been a witness and collaborator in the professional growth of tens of directors and cinematographers, whom he met as they were studying cinema, and until they have now become key pieces in the film industry.
"It's like we accompanied each other from the classroom to the professional arena and that is a satisfaction that cannot be compared to anything."
Although, Gonzalez affirms that the gaffers should be "all-terrain", he also has his favorites to create his "acts of magic", where the ARRI-M lights stand out.
"I like them very much and I feel very comfortable working with them. In this work we have to get used to everything, but I reiterate that the M-range is marvelous, because they function both for outdoor and indoor with spectacular results," adds the gaffer who received us on the set of a commercial for Sears photographed by the DP Mateo Londono