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Hear and learn, the Formula of Gaffer Sergio Romero

By: María Eugenia Mansilla
The spirit of excellence is a constant that stands out in the professional story of Gaffer Sergio Romero. At 20 years old, when he was close to completing one year of working as a waiter catering Pedro Torres’ productions, he requested the opportunity to work part-time on the production staff. The application was well received, and he began his career as "Manager of equipment". From those moments, 25 years of growth and experience have passed.
"I have always loved being on a set. Observing what happens, what directors and DPs say and do. I listened and learned, I don’t like to ask things, that is how I got into this profession," accounts Romero.
The first eight years of his professional life, el Chapis, or as his companions call him, Sergio Romero, invested in working as Equipment Manager, four as PT and another four years in Eduardo Fernández and Eduardo Martínez Solares’, company, E&E. Work which he combined the responsibility of being husband and father of three children, since he married very young.
The following professional Jump came shortly after. "I remember that E&E opened new opportunities to expand the equipment. A new unit was created with Alex Martínez el Choques, and there I entered as staff and Gaffer, we worked till now, according to the needs of the production.
Good lighting
The gentle and helpful nature of the Chapis, has been another quality in his favor. "In this work is very important to have a good attitude. I like relating to people, being attentive to what is asked for, and to be always ready."
Do you like the most about being a gaffer?
To see how the stories are told, and to be part of a team that helps tell them through a well lit set. It feels nice to see a good camera work. Also I like learning new things, there is no opportunity to get bored."
And what do you like illuminating most?
I love the sunrises. They are experiences that not everyone sees frequently, to see how the sun rises as it will appear on the horizon. I really like being there and helping create the closest thing to reality while filming, I like it a lot.

In 25 years of work there are many experiences and anecdotes lived by the Chapis. But when asked what comes to mind easily, he expressed that he was aware of how fragile we are in this life.
"On one occasion, at the beginning of my work, we came back from filming in Tlaxcala. The equipment truck that we were traveling in ran out of brakes. We thought we would die. I was about to jump, but miraculously, the driver found a clearing where he diverted the truck. We crashed; but all survived the accident. That moment made me reflect a lot."
Still married?
Yes. Almost the same amount of time as I have in this profession, I have to be a husband and father. I am fortunate to have a very understanding family, because the working hours are long; but I'm always looking for time to give them, to my wife and my children. They have a very important place in my life.
So, in these years as staff and gaffer, how has your relationship been with EFD?
With a lot of confidence. We know each other well, I know how they work and with what equipment I can count on with this company, a very cordial relationship.
For the current filming during this interview, the pilot of a series, the equipment used from EFD was several M90 and M40, M18, Kino Flo lights.
Gaffer, the last ladder.
Although today el Chapis works as a freelancer, he says he usually works for the same group of DPs, among which he mentioned: Alfonso Aguilar, Omar Torres, Verónica Amil, Juan Pablo Ojeda, and Alex Martínez. He is also clear in expressing that it is distinctive in working on commercials or movies. "I adapt to the work that comes, films or commercials, whether I am asked to be staff or gaffer, being flexible has worked for me.”
What's next in your career?
Continue to carry out my work as a Gaffer, as best as possible to continue to enjoy making good illuminations.
Sergio Romero "chapis", has built with discipline, perseverance, good treatment and simplicity, the path of a professional life that has also given him happiness.