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DP Ricardo Villarreal: Photography with rhythm

Text: Loft Cinema / Photos: Uriel Linares
We visited the set, where the concert of "Primera Fila" by Eugenia León, Guadalupe Pineda and Tania Libertad was being filmed to chat with the Director of Photography Ricardo Villarreal, who told us that, like in many professions, the cinematographer "is constructed day by day and by learning from mistakes".
How did you start in the world of photography?
I started working 16 years ago with a friend in a small production house; we did voice overs, corporate videos and video clips. I liked everything related to cinematography so much, that I decided to study photography and then later, cinema.
How difficult was it to get into the industry?
After studying, I worked on projects as a cinematographer, some projects were political, others documentaries, various commercials and a lot of music videos. Just like in the musicals, I was working with Diego Álvarez, with whom I completed a lot of concerts similar to the concept in "Primera Fila".
What has been your greatest project?
Last year, I had the opportunity to be the Director of Photography at a concert by the band, Metallica, which took place in Antarctica. Additionally, it is a group that I love, being close to them, getting to know them and the adventure of traveling on a boat to Antarctica, was fantastic for me.
What is it that captivates you about musical concepts?
I have always liked being close to music. Being able to work on these projects, permits me to be close to different talents, geniuses and to different heights and qualities. Furthermore, it has permitted me to live and work with my favorite artists.
What are the latest cameras and lenses you have worked with?
In the latest concept of “Primera Fila” which I have completed, we shot with the Alexa from ARRI, and Ultra Prima lenses from EFD, which has allowed me to experiment a lot and find distinctive colors and textures. The music videos permit you to play with the equipment and then you can produce a better visual product.
What is your advice for people interested in becoming Directors of Photography?
That you do not remove the finger from the line. Yes, it is somewhat difficult, but they're dreams, dreams are followed, you have to remember that "Light is light" and from that comes everything. Cinematography is one more profession, like with many others and they are constructed day by day, and learning from mistakes.