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The popular saga of cameras from Arri Alexa have a new component in a miniature version. It is the Arri Alexa Mini, made from carbon fiber and designed for use while filming with drones, stabilized supports and in special circumstances where equipment is required that is small and light-weight. With dimensions of 185 x 125 x 140mm, the Arri Alexa Mini only weights 2.3 kilos thanks to its carbon fiber casing and a titanium PL mount, which also can be interchanged with other systems such as B4 or Canon EF.

The camera comes armed with a ALEV III CMOS Super 35 sensor with 4:3 format for shooting with an optical anamorphic lens. It is able to record sequences of 4K video in ProRes 4444 with up to 200 progressive frames per second, and also allows you to record video in a RAW format with a resolution of 2880 x 1620 pixels at 30 frames per second. To manage these high flows of data, the Mini Alexa has two slots for CompactFlash compatible with the specialized CFast 2.0. A wide range of connections (Wi-Fi, HD-SDI, Genlock and SDI-6G), three built-in ND filters and a dynamic range of up to 14 steps are some of the features of the new Arri camera.

The ALEXA Mini can be operated in various ways: by wireless remote control, like a normal camera with an attached multi viewfinder ARRI MVF-1 or a built-in monitor and controlled via the button user interface on the camera body. It's light-weight enough to carry at arm's length with a hand rig, and is extremely quiet making it ideal for shooting in very tight spaces. In addition, the interchangeable lens mount of the ALEXA Mini can be replaced by any mount designed for AMIRA ARRI cameras, allowing the use of B4 video and still photography EF-mount lenses. Equipped with a 4:3 sensor auto decompression for anamorphic and speeds of 0.75-200 fps, the ALEXA Mini records in ProRes or ARRIRAW uncompressed either with built-in 2.0 CFast cards or a recorder specially designed with an external Codex which can record images from up to four ALEXA Mini cameras simultaneously; a very attractive option for setups of multiple cameras for recording in 360°. Images of the ALEXA Mini conform perfectly to the other ALEXA cameras making final color correction simple and fast.

The integrated functionality is an essential part of efficient and autonomous design of the ALEXA Mini. A built-in lens motor controller allows new active lens motors to be directly connected to the PL titanium mount, while the lens data system technology offers frame-accurate metadata that helps you save time and money both on set and in post. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows iOS or Android devices to remotely control camera functions such as internal ND filters, which allows a fast response to changing lighting conditions without adding more volume to the camera configuration.

The design of the camera has been optimized to be used with the new-generation brushless gimbals, multicopters and other specialized rigs. It is compact enough in the lens direction to allow the use of standard PL mount lenses even on lightweight and space-constrained rigs, such as gyro-stabilized aerial systems. The superior performance of the camera in low-light makes it perfect for underwater filming; leading companies in the market are currently developing specific underwater housing for this purpose.

Like the camera AMIRA, the ALEXA Mini can record images in ProRes 4K ultra high definition, facilitating 4K UHD in real time and simple processes for high resolution digital media. More importantly, the Mini camera and all other cameras ARRI with ALEV III sensor offer image quality with unmatched focusing not only on the spatial resolution but also on other parameters such as colorimetry, shades of skin and high dynamic range (HDR). And the same is true if the selected output is HD, 2K, 4K UHD or one of the outputs with native resolution as the 2.8K ARRIRAW uncompressed or ProRes 3.2K, ensuring that the images captured with the ALEXA Mini will be future-proof, no matter what the new industry standards will be.