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DP Juan Pablo Ojeda: terror in a sequential shot

by Staff Loft Cinema

The phrase says that one does not choose his passions, they choose you.
That was precisely what happened to the DP Mexican Juan Pablo Ojeda, who while studying cinematography in Barcelona fell in love with photography.

"At the school everyone wanted to direct and nobody wanted to grab the camera or the lights. But, I began to operate the camera and lights in my colleague's projects in addition to the realization of myself as a director, and one day I realized photography called to me more, so I decided to specialize as a Director of Photography," he said in the interview.

For Juanpi, as his friends call him, the best part of his profession is to recreate a reality "as natural as possible" which will bring to his fellow filmmakers and the cast, the ideal ambiance to tell their story."

"I like to get to the reality of the fiction, because it is a fictitious reality and the challenge is for the shot to look natural," he adds.

Recently, the DP faced one of his biggest challenges with "Forward", the horror film directed by Henry Bedwell (Más negro que la noche), which was shot in a single sequence, that is, without cuts.

"We were filming with two cameras in a one shot sequence. In a traditional movie you enter a set, you cover it, you protect, you modify the lights, the scene ends and you change to another set, but here cameras are another actor, they play a very important role because they have to be in the exact moment, make the precise shots and record in a continuous way a house that features 12 sets.

"The challenge is to have a camera that swivels 180 degrees so that the story can be told in the way in which it was planned," added Juan Pablo, who this year released "El cumple de la abuela".

The allies on the adventure of "Forward" were the MoVI M15 stabilizer, as well as the Sony FS7 from EFD, that was chosen for its wide dynamic range and its sensor that adapts ideally to the gloomy environment that the terror tape required.