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Gaffer Benito Aguilar, passion is the key

The gaffer together with the Director of Photography should select the most suitable equipment for each scene and location, and Benito Aguilar gave us the reasons why in the filming of "Compadres", photographed by Fede Barbabosa, he fell in love with ARRI M series property of EFD, "a marvel of lights for its portability and great power".

"Each light has a very special effect. It can sometimes be a 150 and sometimes an Arrimax 18,000 . You always have to know what each scene is. "

"You will never match sunlight, but there will always exist something that facilitates the work. My work is to always offer options to the cinematographer and to experiment,"explained Benito (aka the Bennas) in an interview.

An expressive question about what advice he would give to be a good gaffer, the technician who has worked on films such as "Amores perros", "Babel", "Resident Evil: Extinction" and more recently "Elysium", assured us that the secret consists of liking your job, regardless of "the early hour you must be on location or walking through the desert".

"To make yourself be passionate for what you do, that's the key. It must always be seen with optimism. We must give thanks for being alive and learn the things that you know you're going to do or that you did but that you can improve. That is to love your work".

Another thing that most fascinates Benedict about his work, is that each project challenges him creatively:
"For a gaffer there are no impossibilities. Here, 'it can't be done', does not exist.

"When I was a kid and walked on the sets, I listened to the old people say that it does not exist, but always we should try," he ended with the kindness and smile that has characterized him during all his years of working.