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The loves of Genaro De La Cruz: The Film Set and the Family

By: María Eugenia Mansilla
For Genaro De La Cruz, Manager of EFD cameras, it was clear that from a very young age, his path was in the audiovisual industry. At the age of 17, he started working in TV programming specializing in cinema, "24 per second" and since then his career has revolved around a set.
He graduated with a career in communication sciences and he remembers that he has always been attracted to the technical and artistic part of the media, so he pursued work towards the management of equipment.
Five years ago he started working at EFD in charge of cameras, and a year ago took the challenge of leading the management of this department. One year later after "honeymoon period", he is now judged by the excitement that conveys his experiences.
"It has been a fun year. I have learned so much, with so much activity there is no time to get bored. Teaching the new camera operators, resolving situations, and developing the position as best as possible because it is a great responsibility. There is lot of pressure, but it's great adrenaline.”
And now, that is how it is. 34 people in charge of cameras and 8 warehouse personnel under his charge. Additionally, there are the functions of mediator with the programming area and attending the client.
"Always, when there is a camera test, there I am. I try to work very “hands on” with the photographers and camera assistants, so there is good communication, because it benefits everyone."
Ethics and professionalism
One of the aspects in which De La Cruz has placed emphasis in his development as a manager, has been to build a good working environment with his peers. He points out that ethics, professionalism and fairness, are the principles that influence him.
"For me honesty and responsibility are very important, they are values that I pass on in my house. At work, I try to have a good relationship with everyone, but I am very strict regarding duty. When resumes reach my hands, especially of young people, and as I interview them, I see that they are people committed to values, I search for a way to made sure they stay, and polish them."
When you entered into management, what plans or goals did you have?
To get close to the photographers, camera and production assistants to give better service, and get feedback of their experience and knowledge. Internally, to ensure a good working environment.
Now in our New Facilities, De La Cruz revealed he has projected the purchase of new equipment and to create spaces so that customers can work comfortably. "We are not only thinking about acquiring more technology, but to create for example, rooms for testing cameras, and for photographers and camera assistants."
What new technology is coming in the field of cinematography?
-Technology aims to simplify workflows. New cameras are coming equivalent to 35mm but digital, all kinds of production equipment and budgets. A lot of broadcast, increased support for recording, such as batteries of longer duration, etc.
Experience that is life-changing
Fortunately for Genaro De la Cruz, his professional life is perfectly balanced with a beautiful family. Two years ago he got married, and already has a small one year old baby. He remembers with a single joy his wedding, because it also coincided with another great gift, the extraordinary journey to start the filming of a documentary that marked his life.
"Few days before my wedding, Guillermo Granillo, a great DP and friend with whom I had worked many times, and the Director General of EFD, Georgina Terán, invited to participate as assistant and in charge of cameras, on the documentary, “ Ponse Lama, Divine Protector" which is about the last Buddha in a direct line from the master Lopon Tenzin Rinpoche Namdak. It took 5 months of filming in many parts of the world: several sites in Nepal, India, England, Germany, Italy, France, etc. My wife had a heart attack when I left them, but realized the opportunity that it was for me and supported me."
De la Cruz did not spare in pointing out that this experience as a journey changed his life. Not only because all the places he visited and the dreams that took place, like to know the Taj Mahal, but by the experiences of life he that had: " to live with people that are simple as the monks are, who do not have an iota of evil, is inspiring. To liberate all the obstacles that we are presented with, and having achieved something that will soon come to light. “
Shortly after returning from that trip, Genaro was given the opportunity to assume management at EFD, since he has had no complaints.
"I cannot say that there is anything that I don't like in my work: what I do, my colleagues, the working environment, the pay. And above all, I love being on a film set."