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A new camera ARRI AMIRA is among us.First, we stress this is not the ALEXA, but a new camera designed specifically for documentaries, news stories and situations where we need a fast, lightweight camera with a very well thought-out ergonomic design for these situations.However, it is true that it has "something" of the Alexa inside as you will see.We will do an overview of its main features: The ARRI AMIRA image quality is up to 200 fps: Made with the same sensor and the exceptional image quality of the ALEXA.SUPER SENSOR: 35 mm!RESOLUTION: HD or 2K.LogC and REC 709!CODEC: Prores LT, 422, 422HQ or 444.FPS: 200 fps without loss of quality.2.0 speed CFast flash memory cards with great speed.14 F-stop of dynamic range. The quality of the ARRI product, robust and reliable, which gives us security in complex shooting situations, where there is dust, where we need a tough camera. It was built with stronger materials, the electronic circuits are sealed and encapsulated, safe from moisture and dust. Following the line of the ALEXA, it is designed to be a reliable product with a long service life.Ergonomic and flexible design: The camera has been designed in consideration of the work of reporters and camera operators, allowing you to work with the camera on the shoulder and to balance it perfectly; it is thin and thanks to the shoulder and the handle which are adjustable it allows you to move forward or back according to the objective or accessories that you are using. Special care for the individual work of the camera operator has been taken into account.Again, it is very fast, to be more agile for your work. The camera will turn on in the time that it takes to lift it off the ground...very interesting, so as to not miss important shots. The design of the button placements are so you can easily select the functions that interest you most, the built-in ND filters and help on exposures like zebras, the false color and focus tools as the Peakiing are integrated.The viewer is brand new with an innovative design, really it is a Multi Viewer.In the eyepiece we find a great resolution and features of the OLED which is used as an eye, and that allows you to focus, expose, and compose the frame with a resolution of 1280X1024, but at the same time, it has a TFT monitor which gives you a real time image and playback. Very interesting. Organic and natural skin tones.Full control on the SET: With 3D LUTS you can apply immediately. But also with the possibility to load 3D custom LUTS. According to ARRI "literally any look that can be imagined can be created."And all based on simple and intuitive menus where you can vary the information of CDL (offset, slope, power, saturation), white balance, black balance, Knee and black gama. Alternatively, we can work in LOG C leaving traditional the job of color correction to the editing room.Interchangeable lenses:The camera will allow the use of practically all lenses on the market, from PL Broadcast, PL cinema, mount B4 2/3 ", mount EF. It remains to be seen if we purchase the camera with different mounts or use adapters. Soon we can clarify that point.Audio:Integrated 4 channel audio with line and microphone input.The classic functions: phantom power.