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DP Ricardo “Chango” Deneke

By: Shakty Maldonado

Ricardo Deneke Aguirre better known as “Chango” in the audio-visual industry, recounts to us his peculiar entry into the world of the movies.
“The nickname, Chango came from my saint (Yoruda) and came to me from the experiences that I have lived in Haiti and Cuba, however the insistence and practical partnership of my environment defined my nickname as Chango.
My life has been very ¨rare¨ - commented Ricardo-, in reality I studied still photography and I practiced it for a long time. At some point I traveled to El Salvador and there I met Epigmenio Ibarra (Argos) when there were agreements for peace in that country, and when I was in a meeting with him, he received a phone call where he was told that in Guatemala at that moment there was a coup, so he told me: Let’s cover it! Are you coming? You have thirty minutes to decide whether you are coming or not...
My decision was positive even though I did not know how to record in Beta Cam, that is how I joined the project.
Without having a notion of a definite date for returning to my country, I stayed five weeks covering that happening for the Colombian news TV program “QAP" of García Márquez. That was my first start in the field, without downplaying the importance of my subsequent experience with the Zapatista movement," he shared.
Opportunities come implied for each person, often contrasting, but imminently they come, and in the case of Ricardo, a time after his collaboration in social movements, came the opportunity to work in one of the soap operas with more success in Mexico: "Nada Personal", (Nothing Personal).
"The second soap opera in which I participated, gave me the opportunity of ¨ flirting ¨ with the people in cinema, a place where I used to work up to today, as wells as with series".
With 25 years of a trajectory, Deneke has in his resume 60 feature films and in 2015 he added to his experience, the tape “No Manches Frida”, as part of the team from cinematographer David Omedes, as a second camera, we talked about the benefits in the choices of the equipment requested from EFD.
"The choice of shooting with Alexa XT was the best, because I think by far is the best camera; it gives you a very wide dynamic range and, with respect to opticals (Cooke) I agree with Omedes, because we love the texture that it gives the skin.
On the other hand, I have worked on different projects with EFD and its infrastructure is enormous, and as a company is very responsible, as it supports you in any situation, all the time. I should mention that the technical team beyond being prepared people, they are human beings with great initiative and availability," expressed Ricardo.
For a man with this peculiar creative essence as Chango has, the passion for his work does not give you room to curb its work in the day to day, alternating - at this moment - with a series which we will soon see on the screen.
The contact with reality is exemplified with humility, and in specifically asking the DP how he defines himself in his field, and in the future, with a big smile – a feature- he responds: simply.
“I visualized in the same way, open to the projects that come my way.”