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Mitchell Amundsen

Mitchell Amundsen "Mitch"
By: Alejandra Farias
In the world of cinema, there are names that possibly we never hear, but are a link in the construction and development of a film. Among them are the Directors of Photography, who are responsible for the aesthetics of the film.
At the hands of the Directors, the Directors of Photography (DoP) imprint the seal of light onto scenes with equipment or natural light that project feelings to the viewer and for this reason without them the composition of a film would be blind; it would not exist in front of an audience.
This is how we met Mitchell Amundsen "Mitch", he was visiting the studios of Churubusco in Mexico City when he was invited by a production agency to participate in the construction of a commercial for a recognized brand of beer.
Mitchell, has a resume that speaks for itself, and impresses anyone. His long career and experience turns into responsibility that seems not to weigh on him in sharing laughs and jokes with each member of the crew, even in the interview, asked for his recommendation to young people who are just beginning in cinema. "Look for another way to make money, this is a very costly race".
He has worked on more than 50 films "Ninja turtles", "Impossible Mission: Ghost Protocol", "The Bourne Legacy", "Mission Impossible III", "Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl", "Pearl Harbor", "G.I. Joe", these are some of the movies in which Mitchell has participated in and directed from the photographic point of view, and he started his career in 1981 when he worked with Francis Ford Coppola as a Video Assistant in the film "One from the Heart". "Coppola, is the best teacher he assured us before the microphones of EFD."
He emphasized that when you're video assistant, and just trying to push buttons, you are missing a great opportunity to learn, but if you pay a lot of attention each day, on each set and you can see what is happening on the monitors, you are able to learn a lot. It was gratifying for me to work with him."
When Mitch was 20 years old he still remembers that he earned only $100 a week "when you are young it is not about the money, it is for the experience and the satisfaction of connecting with what you like".
The "Transformer" DP mentioned that despite working with an Alexa he has a preference for Red Dragon and Panavision cameras as long as the anamorphic lenses are his passion, "it is wonderful to work with EFD, because they integrate all the services. In the United States there is a company for each type of equipment, the crew has been fantastic."
Mitchell smiles at everyone and passes hours on the set from one side to another reviewing each shot. Within the work there is always time to rest and have lunch with the team of technicians, gaffer and electricians leaving clear his position"even though the path is long I arrive with them".