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How to make low-budget documentaries? "The camera is just a tool, does not make the photographer," Cinematographer Sandra de Silva shared her experiences last Friday 14, she said that a photographer must have a basic understanding light, composition, film language and the technical (cameras, lights), a photographer must be like a child, watch by our child's eyes to find an interesting way to present the issues without judging, just learning and portray only way to surprise people.

They also were attended by the cinematographer Sophia Stieglitz, who developed the theme“taking the inside world of the characters," why analyzing a series of images fail to generate feelings. "People seek another reality" says Sophia, explaining the 4 terms of literature: allegory, metaphor, analogy and symbols.

Cinematographer and teacher Alex Reynaud gave a talk
Is celluloid dead? Describing the difference between digital and celluloid cinema, he presented a film and asks the question how hard is the hard drive? Reynaud shared his many experiences working with these two types of film, it is a reality that projects increasingly become digital, he said. The director however explains the pros and cons as well as the costs of working with digital or celluloid.

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