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Everything began on a film set while Mexican series “Cappadocia” was being shot, since Miguel, having been fond of photography when he was young, was able to lend his treasure, a 16mm camera to take some imagines that required a particular seventies look, he had the opportunity to do the same—an accidental opportunity, he told us.
It was Pitipol Ibarra who directed this series, he was the first to give Miguel an opportunity to enter into this profession.
“During the journey of my life, I have been close to imagines and art, and my first career (Design), not only gave me a base and work experience for more than a decade, it opened my path to arrive at this point as Director of Photography,” expressed the DP.
“El Mago”, better known in the industry with this nickname, shared with us his affinity for compositions, and also due to the great admiration and the learning from the work of photographers such as Federico Barbabosa and Geronimo Denti, because they encouraged and also guided his interest to formally belong in the audiovisual media.
“I studied my profession at NYU (New York) and then another part at The Work Shops (Rockport, Maine). My education at these institutions was continuous and was intensively around cinematography, and once I finished my technical training, I returned to Mexico to work. For three years I supported different photographers with cameras, I did not do it in an official manner as First Assistant, but it was part of the platform to continue the process to become a DP and learn to light from them. It was a great experience because from there, I started to& nbsp;operate a camera and later to become a photographer.”
Miguel, taking large steps positioned himself as Director of Photography in commercial projects, like Volkswagen and Nike with successful campaigns and winner of awards in Mexico and at Cannes. Additionally, he participated in several short films in the United States, where they also won in their country of origin. And note that in 2014, Miguel photographed the North American series, “Fairy Godmother” produced by Michael Mendelsohn (Matrix, Fight Club, Sleepy Hollow, etc.), in these projects we can perceive the essence of his photography from his composition and his film look.
During our chat with “El Mago” something interesting was highlighted: the value and observation that each artist gives to their work through the path as a DP has helped to reflect on their work and to be very clear in this profession to stay at the forefront is very important. And it is important to have a personal touch (uniqueness), not only to become well-known, but to reinforce their essence, not only depending on one….
Sesame Street will return to the screen, and for many of us that grew up watching this program we are excited to learn this, but the great news is that the Mexican DP will give his the touch and perfect framing to this production from the United States.
"This project is very nice! The New York production will be coming to Mexico to film, in order to give diffusion in Latin America and United States. The expected results are of high-quality and cinematographic language. I like it because the program has a much more artistic turn and I find it interesting to work with high quality standards, that is why I chose to shoot with Alexa EV from EFD, since for me the Alexa is the best at this moment, it has all accessories that are accessible and 35 mm lenses."
"Alexa is a plus to work with. Obviously, its image quality is amazing, but its dynamic range is also the highest in the market, and in combination with the Ultra Prime opticals from EFD, it makes the scene look the best way."
Miguel de la Cruz helped us note, that before he was a person known for having a wide knowledge in his area, he is an example of never giving up and following your dreams as now a characteristic of his, is to be the only Mexican that after carrying the baton as Director Of Art and Creative Director in some of the most important multinational advertising agencies of Mexico for over ten years, he made the decision to achieve his goal as DP with effort and dedication to photography that he has always loved.
That successes will follow him!!