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By: Shakty Maldonado

The composition of photography came into David's life when he was 14 years old: he owes it to his older brother - also a photographer-, as he taught David to expose with a machine that he used in those days. In addition to David's taste for cinema and this experience, he began the adventure of writing with light.
With the passage of time, this concern became formal and gave an opening for Omedes to become a renowned DP; currently he has a vast experience in video clips, industrial projects, short films, and approximately thirty short films; including: "Pretextos" (Spain) and "The Frost" (Norway), where he was awarded best photographer in 2008 and 2010, respectively.
His career has led him to shoot far away from his native country: Spain, and is currently shooting in our country the remake of a successful German film, which now in Mexico is called "No Manches Frida" starring Martha Higareda and Omar Chaparro.
It was in one of the scenarios of this project where David - very cordially - spoke with us about the equipment that captured the scenes of this ambitious project.
"We are working with the Alexa XT cameras from EFD, for their depth of color, and I chose the Cooke optics because I like the tone that they give to skin. For being a comedy, it is bright and colorful, where we don't want black holes," he commented.
Omedes shared with us that his work usually relied on nature (light), however, is clear that the terms always vary in each project, and on this comedy, he described the photography as "untrue" - but in a good way- because tones give the viewer the sharpness and sensitivity required to transmit this category.
One of the most significant projects in which he has collaborated is the film "Pájaros de Papel" (2010), it shows the lives of a group of artists and comedians in the most difficult times after the Spanish Civil War; he also told us that the photography of this film was a plus, since they took back the film.
"Now, we are not so worried about the film, thanks to technology we can shoot entire sequences, but also, this produces sequences that do not retain adequate light because previously the negative was so clear and concise that shots were prepared exactly as they were needed in the matter of lighting; now it is "more practical", but it lowers the quality a little, as it does not work with the precision of analog. Also, the technology gives us lots of freedom," stressed the DP.
David conveys to us that the magic of photography has given him many "heights"but through the creativity of the author, it depends on what can be expressed in images to reach the public with each one of the feelings projected by the media of the lens, and despite others that invite the audience to know his work as winner and nominee in various previous projects, and certainly in the future.
"In the future, I am doing a TV series with the HBO look, and then continuing with a movie with the important director Achero Mañas, who intends to shoot in New York.”