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Gaffer Moisés Salazar, innovation under pressure

The creativity in film is not exclusive to any production department and that allows everyone involved to maximize their ingenuity and resources in order to find the best solutions to the challenges that each project presents.

"That's what makes each story that you have decided to tell, exciting," says gaffer Moisés Salzar during a break from "Malacopa", which is photographed by the DP Alejandro Cantú under the direction of Armando Casas.

"What I like most about my profession is to be able to innovate. It is complicated but very necessary especially in Mexican productions, because you have to create, to seek solutions and that is the most fun.

Salazar accepts with simplicity that one of the most complicated moments of his profession is leading his team, motivating them and also, when necessary, getting their attention.

"The most complicated is battling the different personalities of your team. That, for me is the most difficult because in the end we are a group of friends that got together for this, to create and collaborate; but, when a time of crisis comes, you have to have a cool head, feet on the ground and to correct, to suppress and to resolve," said the experienced technician who knows that "the cinema is like that and in this profession we try to take care of each other's backs as we are part of a big family."

Regarding the shooting of Malacopa, that he filmed with equipment from EFD, Salazar explained that with his cinematographer privilege, he used natural light and very original lighting sources to provide greater realism to the story produced by Samantha Guillén and starring Luis Arrieta and Luis Ernesto Franco.